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Hospi-Tel Mattress Protectors

We have three exciting mattress protectors product lines to choose from, all designed to meet the industry’s changing needs. Our Bed Bug Proof styles have been certified by an independent entomologist!

We offer fluid repellent protection for the mattress and comfort for the guest with breath-able materials and worry free, easy to maintain, washable solutions to this growing problem. Mattress protection pays for itself in savings of mattress replacement and down time.

Boxspring Protector-Standard Non-Woven

Total Encasement — Made of non-woven material and features patent pending "Zipper with the Hook".

• Bed Bug Certified
• Dust Mite Protection
• Non Fire Retardant
• Fits box springs up to 9" in depth

Boxspring Protector-Stretch Knit

Total Encasement — Made of stretch knit and features patent pending "Zipper with the Hook".

• Bed Bug Certified
• Dust Mite Protection
• Non Fire Retardant
• Fits box springs up to 9" in depth.

CleanRest Classic

CleanRest™ provides the waterproof protection from spilled food, drinks, sweat, blood, urine and other bodily fluids WITHOUT THE ANNOYING CRINKLING NOISES AND HEAT ASSOCIATED WITH VINYL PROTECTORS.
CleanRest also prevents allergy-inducing dust and dust mites from migrating from the mattress, so your guests will have added peace of mind.

Classic white material is VIRTUALLY INVISIBLE AND UNDETECTABLE UNDER MOST SHEETS - Even if you currently use quilted pads, CleanRest can add an EXTRA level of protection when used between a quilted pad and the mattress.

CleanRest is a revolutionary extended-wear disposable system. CLEANREST PROTECTORS CAN BE USED, WASHED AND REUSED - up to 10 times! And when it is replacement time, CleanRest Mattress Protectors are much more economical than traditional cotton or vinyl protectors.

CleanRest Pillow Protectors are also available

Duo System

AThe "Duo" System — an intergrated plan for bed bugs and/or dust mite control. The "Duo" System includes the "Superior" or "Ultimate" style total mattress encasement plus a removable "Simplistic" Overlay for easy care and maintenance.

• Waterproof
• Breathable
• Fire Retardant
• Impermeable to Dust Mites, Mold and Bacteria
• Fits 9" - 18" depth mattresses

Since adult bed bugs can live for 1-1/2 years after feeding, customers are advised to leave the encasements on their mattress for 18 months or longer. With this lengthy quarantine period in mind, The Duo System enables the removal of the topper for laundering or when maintenance is required. The Duo provides an extra layer of comfort and also allows the option of flipping the mattress anytime during the quarantine period.